Question Everything

I have noticed while I’m writing, I ask a lot of questions. As I go go through this exercise of writing my thoughts, I began to wonder, “Do I ask myself as many questions as other people do?” How on earth would I go about finding an answer to that?

I could start asking people, “In your mental processing of ideas, do you ask yourself a multitude of questions before you come to a conclusion?” My guess would be most people would answer, no. Before today I think I would have answered no.

I would have to refine my question. I think it would have to go out to the people who conscienceless evaluate their thinking process. I would have to ask bloggers, journalists, writers, etc. “do you tend to think in questions to work ‘things’ out?” Well that seems to make more sense, but I just started doing this. I seem to recall an English teacher saying that the back bone of strong writing is made of up of declarative sentences. Does that mea, even if someone thought like I do, by asking lots of questions, that process would be lost in the translation to the page if they were a better writer?

Writing at its core is a tool to carry ideas and facts from one mind to  another. Writing as an art form is meant to inspire thought. Isn’t more thought required to answer a question than to be told something? If someone, let’s say me, wants to be challenged they should ask questions. Only people who are content with the status quo are going to walk along towing the rope.

This leads to another question, is it okay to just tow the rope? I think it is for a time, but that shouldn’t be the end state. How do you think? Do you think by questioning things? Do you think everyone thinks the way you do? Before writing this, I thought more or less yes, but now I’m not so sure.

Let’s say a class or group was given one of those critical thinking problems, and everyone got the same answer. If I were to visualize how everyone got to the same answer it would be akin to everyone leaving the classroom, getting into their cars and driving to the local grocery store. Sure people got in different cars, some people may have taken on route or another, maybe stopped at home for a minute, but the general act could be summed up as “they all got into their cars and went to the store.” Now I’m thinking maybe one guy got in the car, another flew a helicopter, one rode a horse but the route took him to New Zealand, another climbed a rope ladder into the 5th dimension winked out of existence and rematerialized in the parking lot.

I think that if we just settled for towing the rope, eventually this machine we call society would stop functioning. All those different thought processes would start to grind together like mismatched cogs. By questioning “things” we’re able to get the gears to fit together even though the teeth don’t match up.

What do you think? Leave a comment below.


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