So what does it all mean?

What will future anthropologists think when they carefully excavate this first hand account of my thoughts? After they clear the cyber-dust off, will my musings and speculations hold water? Will they have water in the future, or will everyone just be robots?  Could I write something that will survive through time? Could I write something that my children could be inspired by? Is my head getting way too big?

Ben Franklin said if you want to be remembered, do things worth writing about or write things worth reading. Will this be something worth reading? Is something worth reading if 1,000,000 other people have read it? What about 1,000 or 100? What if only 1 other person reads this?

I think this will be worth reading if it makes a difference in one person’s life. What is “a difference”? There are people who lived many years ago who touch our lives today. Those people had such an impact on the world they will be remembered, maybe forever. Some will remembered a role models, likenesses to be aspired to. While others will be remembered as villains, monstrous people that, we as a collective whole, hope to never encounter again.

Let’s look at the former. Christian or not, I’m going to go out on a limb and assume just about anyone who could be reading this knows who Jesus is. They may not know the details, but they recognize the name. I am going to leave all aspects of theology alone right now. It could be argued that he is the most influential people in history. But who influenced him? Jesus was knew how to read and write. How influential was that teacher?  He was Jewish, he had to have interacted with at least one rabbi if not several during his formative years. What about the man or woman that inspired Jesus’s teacher to teach? That person’s actions impacted the teacher and Jesus and thereby impacted all of us.

Which lives do we touch? Who have we inspired? What kind of ripples are we sending out through the ages? Are they good ripples? Are they bad ripples?


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