Love is Always Saying Sorry

One of my friends threw up a post referencing a quote that turns my stomach. That original quote being “Love means never having to say your sorry.” I don’t know how many people have been totally screwed up by this line of thinking, but I have to think there’s a few out there with the USofA divorce rate over 50%.

Ever since I was a little boy, when I screwed up, I was expected to say sorry and what I was sorry for. Being one of four boys, there were a lot of “I’m sorry”being said.

As a roommate in high school and then in college, “Man, I’m sorry. I screwed up (insert something that seemed really important at the time).”

The usual response was something along the lines of “That sucks, but it’s cool.” That’s the cool way to say “I forgive you.”

Why do we say sorry? When we say sorry, it implies a whole lot in that one little word. It is a recognition of fault or transgression. It is an admission of guilt. It is also a promise to try and change your behavior. It also opens an avenue for the wronged person to forgive and move on.

If true love means never saying sorry, then that means your both always right, no one admits to being wrong, no one tries to change for the better, and no one is given the opportunity to forgive each other.

If there is one sentence that people should use a whole lot more it’s, “I’m sorry.”


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